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Fall 2021 Cross Country Season is CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to the recent rise in COVID-19 cases, combined with no vaccination availability for our kids(age 6-12) until late Fall has led us to cancel our fall season. We would love to start running as a group again, but do not believe that we can justify the risk of bringing kids from various schools and home environments together given the high transmissibility of the current variants.

We are planning on moving forward with scheduling a Spring 2022 track season that would begin in March. Hopefully by that time our runners will be vaccinated and community spread will have decreased to a level that allows us to return to a large group program again.

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Austin Rising Runners is an inclusive running program nurturing athletes of all abilities, ages 6 - 12, as they strive to meet personal fitness goals, navigate the joys and hurdles of competition, and experience the rewards of being a part of a dynamic team. ARR believes that running should be fun and training should be developmentally appropriate. We aim to foster a team that allows individual growth through games, training, and racing; in doing so, we strive to build life-long runners. When a child enjoys the activity, the results will follow.

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