About Us

Austin Rising Runners is a relatively new program for the greater Austin area. It was created after seeing a need for a program that is focused on development, instead of one in which the sole metric of success is a stopwatch. By providing training in technique, tactics, and overall fitness, a child will be better situated to enjoy the activity and strive to improve.

ARR is supported by volunteer coaches with over 20 years of coaching experience. They have worked with runners from 6 year-old national champions to adult world championship and world record holders. Among the thousands of runners with whom the coaches have worked, many have been the last person across the finish line (with a broad smile on their face). All of our staff members are volunteer. No one receives payment for their services and time. The goal is to provide sports education to the greater Austin community and give back to others. ARR is a non-profit with fees limited to the expenses of each season and relies on the support of our families and the community at large.

As a community based program, we encourage our families to be involved and to share their personal talents. If you enjoy running, join us during practice. If you love money, assist us with our fundraising programs. If you can do website design, we are open to making this site much prettier. If you are pretty good at freezing things, kids love a good popsicle. As a new and growing program, we are open to your ideas to reach even more youth to share the joys of running.

The safety of our runners is paramount. All coaches have been background checked and completed SafeSport Training. All coaches are members of USATF and met the requirements to work with youth. This team follows the written bylaws of USATF and maintains in good youth club standing.


Head Coach Scott

Coach Scott has over 20 years of experience coaching running in the United States and abroad. He has worked with runners as young as 3 years old and as old as an 86 year old marathoner. He has led youth teams, high school teams, adult teams, and international teams. He has worked with many youth that have qualified for national competitions as well as IAAF U18 and U20 World Championships. He has overseen over 20,000 distance runners coaching large group programs. In addition, he has advised several start-up non-profit running programs in the United States and has built and ran several schools and training centers in Kenya.

Coach Scott's philosophy is that letting kids be kids and building a solid foundation of form, discipline, and success allows the child to build his own passion for the sport. With a self-built passion, the youth is more likely to stay engaged, to improve, and ultimately to become a life-long runner. Seeing a youth runner still running at age 25 is a greater success than a youth runner running national championships and walking away from the sport by high school.

Coach Colleen

Coach Colleen has a decade of running experience and a decade of educating 5-10 year olds. She has worked with new runners, as well as high school athletes in one-on-one and group settings.

Coach Colleen has completed eleven marathons with a few podium finishes along the way. She brings her wealth of running knowledge and educational experience in making running relatable and fun for our young athletes.

Coach Cole

Coach Cole found running as a way to train for soccer. Though he found his joy came from water polo instead of running, he wanted to continue to share the power of running. Coach Cole is currently a Westwood student who is able to bring fun and fitness to our athletes for the cross country season.

More Bio's coming....